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Brisbane South

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Emmaus in Queensland

Queensland’s original Walk to Emmaus took place in August 1989. Over this period of time this one Community kept growing and as a result of this it divided and divided.

The first division saw South Coast (from the Brisbane river to the Queensland border on the south) and Brisbane North (from the Brisbane River to the Northern suburbs of Brisbane).

The next division brought about each of the South and North Communities dividing in half again. Brisbane North became Brisbane North Coast and Brisbane West Communities, and the South Coast became Brisbane South and the Gold Coast Communities.

With the first division, some wise counsellors in Emmaus suggested that a body be set up to keep the Communities linked together as all pilgrims at that stage had come out of one Community. Hence the State Board was established and the Mega Gathering came forth.

As the original Community had by then divided into four Communities, the purpose of the State Board and the Mega Gathering became more pronounced.

This is the main and distinct difference between Queensland and other States in Australia. All their Communities started autonomously, like Central Queensland, Darling Downs and North Queensland.  Each of these has been invited to be a part of the State Board and has accepted and they been members since their inception.

The dates of the dividing and establishing of Communities from the first Queensland Community in August 1989 are as follows:
Brisbane South Coast May 1993;
Brisbane North Coast May 1993;
Brisbane South March 1996;
Brisbane West May 1996;
Brisbane North Coast May 1996; and
Gold Coast May 1996.

The following were established as their own Communities:
Queensland August 1994;
Darling Downs September1994 and
North Queensland
September 1996.


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